Telephone: Why The HR Staffing Agency You Hired Never Truly Gets You

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Every founder eventually faces this realization - their formidable network, nurtured and honed over the years has started failing them. 

Once their startup has achieved a certain size, they find it increasingly hard to tap their network to hire the right candidate into their team.

So, they make the obvious decision to work with HR consultants and staffing agencies to find talent. Very quickly, founders realize that throwing money at the problem is futile. No HR agency or consultant understands their needs as intricately as they do. 

Here are some reasons why working with a staffing agency is about as much fun as getting a root canal.

Vision Mismatch
You know what you need - a dynamic team player who has a particular set of skills. 

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But how do you convey those nuances and subtleties to your HR consultant? All the detailed briefs in the world and profile summaries cannot hide the fact that your HR counterpart is likely to miss the essence of your ask, sending you candidates who sound great on paper but are missing a facet you need for your startup.

The outcome? Wasted time or worse, disrupted teams.

Lack of Customization
HR agencies have to make a living. The sooner they can get you off the phone, into a standard contract, executing a brief just like every other brief they have executed in the past, the more revenue they can make.

This lack of customization hurts your startup, making your job sound like every other job out in the market, thus failing to attract the best candidates.

Slower Than Expected
Hiring through an external vendor is usually much slower than you would expect. Consider this - the HR vendor has to understand your needs, then articulate those needs to a job portal or to their roster of prospects. 

It is the real life version of the game Telephone and it is your message that gets garbled.

Financial Cost
Hiring through job boards and agencies is expensive. You are usually on the hook for a certain percentage of the annual pay which could run to thousands of dollars. These costs are hard to justify, especially in a startup where a wrong hire can set the team back both in time and treasure.


The frustrations are real, but so is the solution. AI hiring tools, like SquadGPT, are stepping in to address these pain points, offering a more precise, customized, and efficient path to the perfect hire. 

These tools empower founders to:

  • Directly input their vision and needs, ensuring the search criteria fully align with their unique company culture and requirements.
  • Customize and fine-tune the selection process, moving beyond the cookie-cutter to a tailored match.
  • Speed up the hiring process, with AI's ability to quickly sift through candidates and present only the most relevant ones.
  • Ensure cost-effectiveness, with better matches leading to longer tenures and fewer costly hiring cycles.
  • Learn and adapt, with every hire improving the tool's understanding of the founder's needs, making each subsequent hire quicker and more accurate.
The journey to the perfect hire doesn't have to be fraught with compromise and frustration. With AI tools, founders can reclaim control, ensuring every new hire is a step forward, not a step back. It's time to turn the page from the traditional staffing agency model to a smarter, more aligned approach. 

It's time for AI-powered precision in hiring.